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The Owens Valley Committee is a non-profit (501c3) organization seeking just and sustainable management of Owens Valley land and water resources. We envision a valley in which existing open space is protected, historic land uses sustained, and depleted groundwater reserves and surface water flows restored as Los Angeles phases out its dependence on Owens Valley water.

The OVC is a party to the 1997 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the EIR of the 1991 Inyo-LA Long Term Water Agreement.

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At last: the spring/fall 2014 edition of the OVC newsletter the Rainshadow

ACTION ITEM: Oppose industrial-scale solar in Owens Valley!

Not content with drying up Owens Valley, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is now proposing to install the valley's first industrial-scale solar facility at one of the most scenic and historic parts of the valley. Over two square miles at the base of the Inyo Mountains Wilderness across from Manzanar will be bulldozed, bladed, and covered with photovoltaic solar panels. Meanwhile, rooftops in Los Angeles (which could produce far more electricity) are unused. The project's draft EIR is available here (select Southern Owens Valley Solar Ranch) and OVC comments on the draft EIR here. Although the comment period on the draft EIR is over, it is not too late to help:


2) View Saving Payahuupu, a 15 minute video by Angela Mooney D'Arcy of the Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples

3)WRITE LETTERS to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti ( Chairman of the Board of Water and Power Commissioners, Mel Levine.
They need to be reminded that Owens Valley has already sacrificed far more than its share for the growth of Los Angeles. LA should work toward self-sufficiency rather than increasing its dependence on Owens Valley resources.
Sample message to Mayor Garcetti / Mel Levine

DEIR comments by Bill Powers regarding feasibility of rooftop solar in LA
Sierra Club arguments against the proposed solar project

Mel Levine
Los Angeles Department of
Water and Power
Room 1555-H, 15th Floor 
111 North Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Owens Valley Committee
PO Box 77
Bishop, CA 93515

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Southern California's unquenchable thirst affects rural northern California as well as Owens Valley. OVC supports the work of the AquAlliance to protect the northern Sacramento River watershed.

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